Join the BST Fit Trails Partnership

Become a part of an innovative fitness and outdoor adventure initiative. We invite local SMEs, hotels, and grocery stores to collaborate with us in creating unique, health-oriented experiences for our participants.

Partnership Opportunities

Bst Hikes

BST Fit Hike Trail Partners

  • Engage with Outdoor Enthusiasts: Connect with hikers and nature lovers by offering rewards and vouchers for your services or products.
  • Visibility & Promotion: Increase your brand's exposure as a part of an exciting and health-focused outdoor activity.
  • Free Trial & Subscription Model: Participate for free during the trial period, with an option for a monthly subscription post-project.
Bst Hikes hotels

BST Fit Hotel Trail Partners

  • Enhance Guest Experience: Offer your hotel guests a unique fitness adventure that complements their stay.
  • Earn the 'BST Fit Hotel' Badge: Distinguish your hotel with a special badge, promoting a commitment to guest fitness and well being.
  • Annual Subscription: Join us on a free trial basis, with an opportunity for a continued partnership through an annual subscription.
Bst Hikes partner

BST Fit Shop Trail Partners

  • Attract Health-Conscious Customers: Partner with us to offer rewards and discounts, driving foot traffic and sales in your health food and fresh produce sections.
  • Promotional Advantage: Leverage our platform to enhance your store's reputation as a supporter of healthy lifestyles.
  • Annual Subscription with Benefits: Participate in a free trial, with the prospect of becoming a paid partner and earning the 'BST Fit Shop' badge.

Partner Benefits

Bst Hikes Benefits of partnership
  • Brand Exposure: Gain visibility among a diverse and engaged community of fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  • Community Engagement: Play a vital role in promoting healthy lifestyles in your community.
  • Business Growth: Attract new customers and retain existing ones through unique offers and experiences.

Become a Partner

Interested in joining the BST Fit Trails partnership? Contact us at for more information on how to get started.

Note: Our partnership model is designed to be mutually beneficial, offering valuable exposure and customer engagement opportunities while supporting community health and fitness.