Welcome to BST HIKES, a cutting-edge initiative generously co-funded by the European Space Agency under the umbrella of the "Inclusive and Accessible Sport" project, seamlessly integrated with BST.COACH's overarching goal of nurturing resilient youth.

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This innovative “cycle of growth” program leverages satellite navigation as its cornerstone, guiding users through invigorating outdoor exercise challenges. As an extra incentive, participants can connect with partner businesses to redeem reward vouchers, creating a symbiotic relationship that fosters both individual health and community commerce.

BST HIKES is not just a fitness initiative; it's a pioneering approach grounded in the latest findings from public health research. By offering tangible short-term rewards, we aim to inspire continuous engagement in physical activity, turning exercise into a rewarding and sustainable lifestyle.

Join us in this transformative journey where technology, fitness, and community empowerment converge to shape a healthier and more connected future.